the yellow demo is now available for free download

yellowdemoFriends, I recently recorded a demo.

The nature of my poverty made my setup a little compromised

but I persevered.  And now, the demo is available for free.  Or is it?

RouteNote is the aggregator I chose to go with.  They flat out said that I could not give away my tracks for free.  Everything has to be minimally priced at twenty cents.  So, oddly, the demo is available for download for twenty cents, and the tracks are twenty cents each if you want them individually.

A friend then told me BandCamp offered free downloads.  So I took a ridiculous amount of time uploading WAV files (they don’t allow MP3s, presumably  for quality reasons?) last night in a darkened bar that had better wi-fi than my apartment could ever hope for.  The end result?  BandCamp tells me I can offer 200 free downloads and then I am required to charge.  This is presumably because I am not paying them.  I really don’t get how this system works.

Because I am using a free website, I do not have FTP capabilities.  I don’t feel comfortable using someone else’s FTP site, so until I can raise the $18 that WordPress claims it needs to secure a domain name for me, the demo, I guess, will need to be charged for.

After 200 downloads.  So get yours now.


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