Keep going

Keep going.  Stay moving.

Put the fluids in the car.  Examine the radiator for cracks.  Touch the fan, just once.  The cable is not working.  Keep going.

Wipe sweat away.  Smile- not too widely- at the passers-by.  You smell like a homeless person.  Never mind.  Stay moving.

Sit in the bars, cool and rowdy.  Drink the wine that costs too much.  Talk to the hosts- they are kind to you.  They compliment your guitar.  Keep your hair tucked under your hat, wash it in a field, water jug bath.  Keep going.

Brush your teeth.  They are all you have.  Wash your face, rinse your mouth with peroxide.  Swat the mosquitoes.  Why are there so many?  West, east, south, west.  Go back to Oregon, where you belong.  Sleep on the beach tucked into a crevasse.  Keep going.

Pat the dog, reassure her.  Someday there will be a home, someday a lock, a mattress, walls, a yard, a job.  Keep moving.  Go away from here.

Sing, and with the singing, grow.  Get strength.  See things clearly and do not be sad.


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