pas une pipe – 2 – emanor and jimmy hats

You been wearing those jimmy hats?

Lyrics to Emanor:

She held out the costume, said, “It’s only for a day,
what matters is how you really look–for now you’re better off this way,
so dry your eyes and wear a smile, it’s not so fuckin’ hard
as you make it seem, pretend it’s all a dream.

In one day you’ll be golden stars and lily ponds and everything that cares.
You’ll find you really love your home, you’ll find your lover wants you there,
I don’t know what to tell you now to make this go away
I hope that it’s only for a day, but in the meantime

Think of how much nicer you will look to all your fellow men
think of how the mask will fit to cover up the pain again
You’re not the only one that’s sad, it just happens more to you
You’ve got to learn how to fake it too”

She held out the costume, said, “Now, don’t forget your lines;
if you can’t get it right again, they’ll fire you for real this time.
So raise your voice, clear as a bell, and sing
like it’s your last show, and no one knows but you.”


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