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Kalispell Brewing Company – April 16, 2015




Today I’m thankful that, three years after it all started, I can post videos from gigs on my website that has my name, my music name.  I am thankful I have this outlet for the things that, when I say them in conversation, scare people away.  I am thankful for all of it.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Enjoy the song.

Applause !  Applause!
You can’t expect the world not to like you now,
with that crooked smile upon your face, your quite attractive lack of grace–
you lost all of the weight you had to lose,
and now you’re free to live your life just how you choose.

Applause!  Applause!
You quick replaced the cooking oil with alcohol.
It would be wrong to claim hypocrisy–it came as a surprise, you see,
that everybody wanted you to be up here
and face a monumental judgement by your peers,
and it’s the first attention you’ve been paid in years.

Applause!  Applause!
You always guessed that you would once again smoke cigarettes.
It is a triumph in this modern day that airbrushing can hide the way
the wrinkles are beginning to deform your eyes
and the indie-colored bicycle does nothing for your thighs
and the laughter you emit conceals the lies.

Oh, another girl would cherish how the world knows her by name by now
and each concession she’s allowed is more than she could ask for
and a better girl would be the stuff of dreams and that would be enough
to soothe her when the hours got rough and late–but wait,
at least you have

Applause!  Applause!
A hundred mouths exclaiming what a gem you are.
They overlook your crooked teeth, the dirt embedded in your feet,
they even think your spectacles are hip, and so
you can be yourself and they won’t even know–
and so it goes.