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With love from children of land-owning men

I wrote this song after seeing all the development going on in Montana.  Performed at Ted’s Fun on the River, 11/20/13.  Thanks to Sue Kropp for posting this video.

Whenever I dreamed of home, I couldn’t paint the way
age would have killed the trees, time would have changed this place
I didn’t think to count how many wintertimes
had had their curtain call, still mumbling forgotten lines
Now every faded costume has been pinned out to dry
and when I called to tell you that I would arrive that night, you only asked, “Why?”

Here lies the golden grass, dry from the sun’s embrace
See how the cedar stump gashes look like a laughing face
There is a breeze that comes, but not quite often enough
to penetrate the dust with what could be called love
They built a sidewalk here, you say in April of last year
I never thought the city would go so far or draw so near

You say the next good rain might wash your life away
You say that heaven must feel just like a summer’s day
So you and I climb on a boat, stop up the drain, manage to float,
sail on a Lethe bored of its path ready to swallow us if we just ask.


the church of woody guthrie

This land was made for you and me.
This land was made for you and me.


Yesterday was the day that Woody Guthrie passed away in 1967.  I had the honor of performing with the above musicians at a tribute at Ted’s Fun on the River in Wilmington.  The evening was tremendous.  We sang the songs together (at one point the audience sang with me and it delighted me so much I lost my place.)  We passed the peace as we followed along with the song “Howdi Do”.  At the very end the performers all sang “This Land is Your Land”.  Altogether it was a very magical night.

I had the honor meeting Susan Savia, local legend and coordinator for the event, and Kyle Lindley, who I previously mentioned in this blog, among the participants and attendees.  What have I wandered into here?  Wilmington just keeps getting better and better.

Peace be with you, friends.

I suck at names, but from right to left in the photograph, are Kyle Lindley, Susan Savia, Jim Ashley, yours truly, Carter Jewell, Alex Hall, possibly John Fonvielle, Perry Smith, and Mike Adams.


Local’s Tavern – Wilmington

Sue Kropp was kind enough to take videos when I went out to Local’s Tavern on Thursday.  It’s been rather a dead few weeks here.  I feel like Austin Powers on some days, like my music mojo is stuck in a vial somewhere and I have to go on an extensive and ridiculous journey to find it.  Not so, thankfully.  In times like these I simply must remember that the only cure for lack of music is music.  Here are the songs I sang at Local’s- enjoy.  If you’re on the ubiquitous Facebook, you can find my music page here and share the videos with all your friends and family.