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Kalispell Brewing Company – April 16, 2015



Love, love, love your vagina!

I recently had the privilege of performing in the Vagina Epilogues, a show with a format similar to the Monologues that was put together to benefit our local women’s shelter.  The idea of having “epilogues” is the focus on what happens after, to kind of showcase where the world is at now that Eve Ensler has made such an impact.  The pieces dealt with both dark and light topics, and I was honored to perform two songs: the Mooncup commercial’s “Love Your Vagina” and the Bloodhound Gang’s “The Vagina Song” (with kinder lyrics.)  It’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to hang out with such a smart, funny, kind group of women.

The Green Grass Grows All Around

Did you know my sister sings too? While I’ve often encouraged her to join me so we can jump on the Blood Relatives Make The Cutest Musical Groups bandwagon (I think there’s room on it after Oasis and Chevelle fell off) she has this thing called a Full Time Job that apparently just won’t allow it. Silly employment! Don’t people know there are better things to do than feed yourselves and pay rent? Enjoy this little ditty my father recorded while we were hanging with my cousins last week.